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High Lift Garage Doors

Is your intention to gain some vertical space with high lift garage doors in Flower Mound, Texas? Tell us if this is, actually, a new installation or you are looking to turn the existing standard garage door into a high track system.

Such systems are great for those who wish to get a car-lift – hence, place one car over the other. Or to gain more clearance for storage or any other reason. While not all garages are the same, most can be converted. To be sure it can be done, let us send a tech. Do you want that? Contact Garage Door Repair Flower Mound TX.

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High Lift Garage Doors Flower Mound

The truth is that with high lift garage doors, Flower Mound residents have the chance to use the extra vertical space for many purposes. Our job is to see that this can be done, based on the overall measurements in the garage. If it’s doable, it’s the best way to gain more space without replacing the garage door but only the tracks, the spring and, maybe, hardware like the cables. Or, sometimes, the opener. These systems need different tracks and depending on the space available and the weight of the garage door, there might be a need for new springs, cables, and the opener. It’s one thing having an aluminum high lift garage door and quite different having a heavier steel or wood door.

Let’s talk details about your project – things like the high lift garage door sizes, first. There are plenty of things to discuss and accurate measurements to take, especially if we are talking about a new high lift garage door installation. But don’t you worry about such things. We take care of everything – from the initial measurements to the options offered to you, in regard to the high lift garage door designs, materials, styles, sizes. Ready to get started?

Need the track system fixed? Another service? Reach us

Now, if you already have a high lift garage door, service options range from routine inspections and maintenance to all sorts of repairs. Something wrong with the tracks? Is the spring broken? Got an opener problem? Call our team now if you need high lift garage door repair. Be sure that a pro comes out quickly and fully equipped to fix any problem, right on the spot.

So, what do you need now? A new customized high lift garage door? The existing one serviced? The broken tracks replaced? A conversion, from standard to high lift garage doors in Flower Mound? Let’s talk.

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